About Italian Pizza Secrets

History of this initiative

Hello, I am Stefano, owner of I am very close to italian food traditions and history as I was born in a family that always dedicated a lot of time at cooking healthy and high quality food. Since I was child I was attracted by preparing all kind of dishes from the South Italy traditions but in particular I always loved the dough! I was following my Grandmother first and my mum then in all their preparations especially for Pizza. After several years of experience in making pizza at home I started to approach the topic in a more scientific way studying books and concentrating on making reproduceable results while making Pizza in a professional way. In this blog I am sharing my approach and my knowedge around making Italian pizza.

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Why this website?

Let’s be honest with what happens very often (it happened to me several times in the past):

  • You spent a lot of your precious time and efforts in finding on the Web a recipe for Pizza.
  • You followed video tutorial to prepare Pizza dough and you are very enthusiast to practice what you just learnt.
  • You decide to amaze your guests with your new recipe for italian Pizza and you start baking following instruction from the tutorial on how to make Pizza.
Wouldn’t be a shame if all of the above concludes with a failure? Too much water in flours or poor management of pizza hydration, pizza dough does not rise as expected, you can’t put correctly the dough in the baking tin or pan…. and you name all the errors that can happen!
This is why Italian Pizza Secrets was born: to help you and share all the methodologies, secrets and knowledge I collected over the years. The end goal is your success, having guidance to prepare a great Pizza at home or as a professional.
Thanks to content of you will master flours, yeast, water, oil, techniques and everything you need to prepare Pizza like a Pizzaiolo!


Taste the difference! Succeed with Pizza!

How many times you went to an italian Pizzeria and you were amazed by the taste of the Pizza and told yourself you would love to make the same pizza? And how many times you went to places where then you were thirsty over night, you felt you had a stodgy meal?

There is an explanation on why a Pizza is a good Pizza or is an average – or even bad – Pizza. During the last years I started to approach Pizza baking in a professional way and I now care a lot about ingredients, pizza dough, techniques, pizza hydration and so on. It is very important to start from the very basic information about ingredients of Pizza when you want to prepare a healthy Pizza. It makes a huge difference!

With you can get in a nutshell all knowledge I collected with my studies plus the experience accumulated over time.

This is where I want to make the difference. Going deep in details with everything you need to know to be a great pizzaiolo 🙂

I am going to share with you all steps to prepare Pizza dough, the best Pizza recipes, what flours to use for your Pizza, what kind of Pizza is best with the oven you have and all details on how to make Italian Pizza professionally.

Are you ready to succeed?